Auckland Based Specialists in Hazardous Substances and Health & Safety

About HaS Expertise

Occupational Hygiene (or Industrial Hygiene) is described as the "identification, assessment and control of hazards". It is generally seen as the "technical" branch of health and safety. HaS Expertise undertakes the following:

HaS Expertise supplies expertise to industry and governmental clients in the following fields:

● Systematic identification of chemical and other hazards

● Preliminary assessment of chemical hazards and risks to human health

● Risk assessment

● Monitoring of workplace air and personal exposure to range of substances (including silica, particulate, engine emissions, formaldehyde, isocyanates, welding fumes, various gases)

● Assessment of exposure to chemicals including comparison against relevant workplace exposure standards, guidelines and toxicological endpoints

● Monitoring of noise, including personal noise exposure (dosimetry)

● Assessment of noise exposure – including mapping of noise levels and comparison against standards

● Monitoring and assessment of vibration

● Advice on control measures to manage range of hazards

● Expert evidence

HaS Expertise consultants have been involved in the monitoring and assessment of exposure to a wide range of chemical and physical agents, including: respirable crystalline silica (RCS), size differentiated particulate, engine emissions, petrol; isocyanates; carbon dust; various solvents; asbestos; chromates; nickel; beryllium; cadmium; lead; benzene; nuisance dust; acids; oil mist; carbon monoxide, noise; light; electromagnetic radiation, welding fume, gases such as H2S, CO, SO2, HCN, NOx, and hydrocarbons.

Clients include/have included: City Rail/Link Alliance, Air NZ, Lonza, NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc (NZKGI), Wiri Oil Services, AFFCO, Waihi Gold, Waterview Tunnel, Caltex, BP, Methven, Sleepyhead, Montana, NZ Post, Penske, Fletchers, Griffins.